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About Church Bible Publishers

Church Bible Publishers (CBP) has been established to get the King James Bible and Scripture Portions into the hands of both Christians, and the lost. In an effort to give the Gospel to those in need, the goals of CBP are straight forward:  Spreading the Gospel Around the World.
Many in this age are seeking to water down the Gospel and allow false doctrine to creep into the church. The King James Bibles provided by CBP have not been changed or “updated” to fit modern English, but retain the original text of the 1611 translation.
CBP donates Bibles to organizations in need.  Bibles are provided to Chaplains and Jail Ministries across America. CBP takes a portion from the Bibles sold through the website, and also accepts donations as well to provide these Bibles to chaplains and jail ministries through the Jail Bible Request Form.
CBP also helps support World Missions Bearing Precious Seed Ministry by accepting donations. These donations are sent monthly, in their entirety, to World Missions, for the printing and shipping of Scripture portions overseas.
Church Bible Publishers strives to provide high quality, hand crafted Bibles at an affordable price.  CBP does not seek to make a profit from the Word of God, but places the funds from sales back into the production of King James Bibles.
To provide these Bibles at a lower cost, CBP's staff of volunteers is experienced, diligent and meticulous.  These volunteers dedicate themselves to perform exceptional tasks in accounting, shipping department, and provide customer service to reflect the quality of our Bibles.

We trust you will be happy with the service and quality we provide.  Our products are made by Gold Leaf Enterprises, the manufacturer of Church Bibles for 10 years.  You will find the same quality others have come to respect across the country.

Scripture Portions

Help Send Scripture portions to missionaries in both domestic and foreign fields.

Bible Paper Fund

Help support CBP in it's effort to provide quality King James Bible by donating to the Bible Paper Fund.

Support CBP

Be a part of the ministry by supporting CBP

Ministry Bibles

Help get Bibles into the hands of Chaplains and inmates.

Meet our Representatives

Our Missionary Representatives travel the country doing what the Lord has called them to do. When attending meetings for their respective ministries, they carry with them CBP Bibles, giving you, our customers, the opportunity to see and buy our products first hand.  What a great way to help spread God’s Word and to keep the King James Bibles in the hands of others!

Learn more about our missionary Representatives and what they do here.