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Bindery Specials are Bibles that will remain intact during use, but have flaws, which our bindery has determined make them unable to be sold at their original cost.  We have taken the time to match a picture of the imperfection with each Bible that is for sale.  We will be unable to supply additional pictures for each Bible due to the time required.  All Bindery specials have been marked down to the appropriate selling price according to their condition.  All sales of Bindery Specials are final (no returns, refunds, or exchanges will be given).  Our Bindery Special selections will be updated once a week with additional products offered as products are sold.  You may send an email to ask for a particular text, or color, but please be courteous of our time.  Please realize the Bibles are not 1st quality which is why we are selling at a reduced price.

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