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Perfect for younger children, good for Christian schools, jail ministries, and to give away, this Bible has a wonderful bold and readable text. Equipped with a center column reference on each page, and eight beautifully printed maps.  Font size is well-suited for its compact size. Soft, black vinyl cover.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 7.375 x 4.875 x 1.125 in




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Bible Dictionary, Center Column Reference, Concordance, Maps with Index, Self-pronouncing text

Font Size

Bible Text – 8 pt, Center Reference – 5-6 pt

Margin Size

Bottom – 0.5", Inside – 0.375", Outside – 0.375", Top – 0.375"

Thumb Indexed


2 reviews for Ministry Bibles

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Louis DeMarco

    I received my set of Scriptures in the mail last week, and I am satisfied with it. I would have responded sooned but had out-patient surgery. Yesterday and today has been the first I have felt more myself so I thought I would let ya’all know how I like this Bible.
    Very well constructed, the words are crisp and clear. I like the paper used, no ghosting as I can see. When my wife went to the grocery store , I had her ask a couple friends how they liked it… they liked the size and clear words on paper . The reference column I think goes in ratio to the size of the Bible, which is very good. One thing I wish it had though, was the words… Holy Bible… on the front. Makes it easier when picking up without my glasses.
    Overall I Really Like It

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Nickolas

    This is a long one, so hold on.

    Throughout my years, I have bought or acquired many gift Bibles, and they have usually fallen apart after a few months of modest use. Typically, they would be perfect-bound, like a cheap paperback, and they would have small print that I was only able to read because I had better than 20/20 vision. There would be a little concordance in the back, and maybe a map or two. Typically these Bibles would cost about five or ten dollars. They would have bonded covers and some sort of edging on the pages, and would be printed on decent paper.

    Two years or so ago, my neighbor, knowing that I was into the Bible, asked if I could buy her a Bible, saying only that she wanted one that a Baptist might use. (I am a Methodist.) So I went to a local store, and bought two matching KJV Bibles from a major publisher, who in the past had made an edition of the KJV I liked, for $7.50 each. Imagine my dismay when I found that the Bible was printed in even smaller type than I had seen in the past, and not only cheaply perfect-bound in cheap plastic, with no edging, but it was printed on cheap newsprint! This was no $7.50 Bible, it wasn’t even a $5 Bible, it was hardly any better than the Bibles they sold at dollar stores, and only because it came from a well-known Bible publisher.

    Some time after that, inspired by a former minister who was surprised that I preferred to keep my Bibles pristine rather than mark them up as I read them, I ordered a cheap wide-margin Bible from the Deneaus’ former ministry (Church Bible Publishers did not yet exist at this time), and I noted that for a cheap Bible, it was well constructed. For my next birthday, I opted to buy myself a decent Bible from CBP, and wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it was so much higher quality than the major-publisher Bibles I was used to that I was even afraid to touch it!

    For a few months, I considered buying a less expensive Bible from CBP to use as my “beater Bible”. Then, that May, I saw a high-school student at church with your typical cheap gift Bible, and made my decision: As I could scrape up some of my meager funds, I would find a line of high-quality giveaway Bibles to offer those who were young in the faith, and I would see to them being given out in place of the Bibles they were receiving. The very first thought that came to mind was the CBP Ministry Bible.

    As soon as I had a few nickels to rub together, I opted to start my project by buying a couple – one to put to the test, and one to give away…

    When my first copies came, I was stoked to find they were everything I hoped to find. The covers were clearly inexpensive (but that could be dealt with if the recipient wanted), but the binding was clearly sewn signatures and not mere perfect-binding, and there was no cheaping-out on the interior. The print is clean and sharp (although with significant ghosting), and there is an enormous concordance and dictionary in the back that puts any other gift Bible to shame. Besides, this is a reference Bible; most gift Bibles, especially at the low end of the price range, are barebones text Bibles. This is more than one’s money’s worth.

    From my first purchase I would have recommended CBP to others. From this purpose I would gladly recommend CBP to others above all of the major American Bible publishers.

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