“Classic” Red Letter Study Bible (1917 Scofield notes)

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The Classic Red Letter Study Bible (With C.I. Scofield Notes) has been one of the most sought after bibles for the last several decades. This text style has been printed in the same original format as the 1917 Scofield, but we have added a bonus by increasing the font size for our customers. A “classic” truly is available once more, and is available in soft calfskin leather. This luxurious calfskin leather Bible is “lined to the edge” the way the good bible publishers used to make it, and features a sewn binding for extreme flexibility that will lay flat when open on a desk or pulpit.

Thumb indexed available.


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Additional information

Weight 2.80 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 x 7 x 1.5 in



Mid Size

Cover Type

Ironed Calfskin

Cover Styles

1 Piece, 3 Piece

Cover Colors

Black, Black w/ White Threads, Black/Brown, Brown, Red




42 page blank Notes section, Center Column Reference, Concordance, Maps with Index, Proper Name Index, Red Letter, Study Bible, Study Notes Index, Subject Index, Thumb Indexed

Font Size

Bible Text – 10 pt, Center Reference – 6-7 pt, Footnotes – 9 pt

Margin Size

Bottom – 0.5", Inside – 0.5", Outside – 0.75", Top – 0.5"

15 reviews for “Classic” Red Letter Study Bible (1917 Scofield notes)

  1. Quentin Dunmore

    I currently own the 1945 edition of this very same Bible, as when I recieved it, was badly damaged.
    I looked everywhere for a red letter replacement, LCBC has one that is not red letter. When I found this It’s
    better than hitting the lottery!
    my purchase will be soon,thank you CBP for making this available

  2. Louis J. De Marco

    I just received the 300RLC1RD-GB Categories: Bibles, Mid Size about 1 hour ago from Media Mail and I must say I was quite surprised considering I never had used them for something like this before.
    I was expecting it to be “banged” up from the USPS once they got it from UPS. But just like my last Scriptures , it came through Magnificently.
    This is a Christmas Present for my wife as she fell in-love with mine when I bought my set. So it is gonna be hard to keep out of her sight since it is just me and her now and the kids are on their own.
    But the Scriptures are beautifully crafted and I will have to wait and have time to Properly Break it in, ie holding the pages and going from both cover to cover then a few pages at a time and fold at the binding. My folks showed me to do this o all bibles and books that you want to keep . It can be seen on You Tube.
    But again Thank You for an excellent set of Scriptures and a great buy.
    In His Matchless Grace
    Louis J. DeMarco

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Lord Jesus is so very Good. I am so thankful for CBP Bibles. I totally love the Scofield notes that very much exalt Jesus, and find more and more treasures/helps in the notes all the time, and even at the perfect moment. The quality of these Bibles I have gotten so far from CBP is amazing. Even the aroma of leather, per what other customers also say, permeating the room is so delightful!!! I am so very blessed to be able to hold such quality items, and enjoy God’s Sacred Word knowing they will likely outlive me. The materials used are so very beautiful. The red letter is awesome. I love the black ink saturation of the font too. And it is true, the paper is soft to the touch. God bless you all in Jesus’ Name.

  4. Pastor Malcolm Harrison

    Over these years in the pastoral ministry and long before I was called to the pastorate, I have used quite a few Bibles [Bible means King James of course] (Thompson Chain, Cambridge, Oxford, Church / Lewis Bibles, Scofield etc). Like some of you I’ve had both cheap & very expensive Bibles. I over 10 very nice Bibles and I use 5 of them literally weekly.
    There are some important things to me in a Bible depending on its purpose – is it for studying and notes but not toting? Is it for travel use but too small for notes? Is it too heavy? Are the margins too small to handle notes well? Is the paper poor quality or the ink prone to smudging? Can the binding going to stand up to wear and use longer than a month? Can it handle being moved around a lot?
    I am hard on a Bible. I use them heavily. I tote them, flop them, preach from them, teach from them, carry them into people’s houses, cemetery’s and have had people cry on them. I’ve spent a lot of years in Bibles so I know a good one from a bad one.
    I’ve been using a Lewis Bible bound on the same equipment that Church Bible Publisher’s now owns and runs. That Bible has stood up to use that not even a Cambridge can handle. Its as well made as ANY available. Which brings me to the 300 RL Limited (a Lamb skin red letter edition Old Scofield) which appears to be the best I’ve ever seen.
    The Cover is exceptional…the Binding excellent…the Print, font, line spacing and Ink are nearly perfect. The margins nice and wide without being a wide margin per se. Note pages are of course included and the paper is a good solid 22 pound stark white.
    In short if you are an Old Scofield Bible fan – this IS THE ONE! It is going to be your new “go everywhere” Bible. It is gorgeous but its built to last. BUT there is bad news!!! There are not many of these at a limited run of only 105 remaining. So take it from an Old fashioned Bible preacher…. Get one before they’re gone! I will be posting a Youtube vid review on this soon. Pastor Malcolm Harrison, Calvary Baptist Church, Palestine, Texas. 903-729-5924

    Here is the review done by pastor Harrison on Limited edition Classic Study Bible
    Limited Edition Classic Study Bible

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Armstrong

    I absolutely live this bible for many reasons.

    1.I love the paper, it is a very smooth paper that doesn’t stick together like other bibles.
    2. The printing is clear and bold to read, even the notes and the cross references.
    3. I live the many pages for notes located in the back.
    4. Love the maps as well, clear, bold and colorful.
    5. The extra helps such as concordance, subjects, and names, very nice for in depth study.
    6. The small edging space on each page is a plus for me, for quick notes.
    7. At the end of each book of the bible the page ends and doesn’t start the next book on the same page, leaving finishing notes of that book.
    8. The leather, it’s soft and sturdy, and the smell is intoxicating if you enjoy smelling leather.
    I bought the red leather, and it is beautiful. Bright red along with gold edging, and red ribbons, priceless.

    I highly recommend buying this bible and getting the red leather, I WILL buy more of this bible.

    God is God and He is Good!

  6. Robert Campbell

    This scofield bible is the best bible I have had in my life .. the quality is top notch .. It is how a bible should be made

  7. Rated 3 out of 5

    Michael Riley

    I am obliged to encourage anyone looking for an incredibly crafted Bible to look seriously at the ones the Church Bible Publishers are producing. I have an iron calf skinned version Classic King James Version with C.I. Scofield study notes that I have been using since October of 2016. I have found that since day one, it’s bolder print and layout; the way it tends to lay open as as one that has been broken in for years, sure makes it better for study. It is a privilege to have this copy and one I would encourage anyone to invest in: very well done.

    – Paul E. Brantner

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ted Horton

    I have purchased three of these to date (2 black and 1 brown). One was for myself and the other two were gifts. They are high quality and really well made. The brown is beautiful and I was tempted to keep it for myself and find something else to give in its place 🙂 The print stands out and is very clean. The red letter was a great option as well.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pastor John Wilkerson

    I am very pleased with this beautiful Bible. The print is large and legible, the binding is very strong, and I like the resources in the back. This Bible would make a wonderful gift for anyone, and I highly recommend it!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pastor Aaron Gravett

    Wow – that is the Word that just kept coming as I looked through this Bible! Just wow!!! This has everything that I would want in a Bible – awesome quality, smyth sewn, beautiful ironed calfskin, pages that feel good to the touch, print with very readable type font, the print quality for the black and red ink is exceptional, and the authorized KJV with the 1917 Scofield notes with all the extras such as concordance makes this copy of the Word of God amazing! I will be using this Bible until I am with Christ!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Airik H.

    I’ve always loved the Scofield layout but the stiff so-called “genuine leather”
    that other publishers use never last and you end up with a bible that falls apart within months. CBP gives you the same Scofield bible we love but with oldschool craftsmanship that will last generations and be able to pass on to your kids. I’ve reviewed many bibles from different publishers and this one is definitely on my top list of favorites, it’s officially my main bible and still fills the room with that leather smell. Honestly this calfskin is crazy soft, at first it was a bit stiff but now its so floppy soft that bible yoga is not a problem. Not only is the outside amazing but the print is dark through out the whole text block and having the pages for notes is a great decision for CBP to add. To finish off it has very detailed maps, this bible is a great deal guys, if your a collector or just a newbie to leather bibles you won’t be disappointed .
    Check out my YouTube channel at Airik1111@YouTube.com for a full review of this bible in brown calfskin.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff Gaudette

    This is Oxford’s Old Scofield study bible, dressed in a tuxedo. This is how they’re made. Deluxe calfskin leather cover, sewn binding, quality paper, impeccable, uniform text, deep, stark red words of our Lord. This bible will last a lifetime of use at a fraction of the cost of leather bound bibles from Schuyler, Cambridge, or R.L. Allan. Thank you again, CBP. May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian McClurg

    Hands down. The absolute very best Study Bible “Classic Red Letter” with Scofields notes. I believe and now hold a strong conviction that this Bible cased with Calfskin and Dark Rich text is better than any other publisher that had printed this layout, by far! Thank you CBP for this unbelievably amazing Bible that could easily go for two hundred dollars but, is made available at a cost for anyone.
    For my review go to https://youtu.be/yamHU5Efru8
    As I have added a few bells and whistles to this beauty.
    May the Lord Richly Bless
    Brian McClurg
    Deluxe Bibles

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Derek Jones

    This is absolutely the best red letter study bible on the market today.
    Take a moment to watch my review

  15. Pastor Ryan Beilfuss

    I just received my Classic Red Letter Study Bible with Scofield’s Study Notes from CBP and am thoroughly impressed with it. The quality of the leather binding can be felt as soon as you touch it. It’s leather is soft and flexible and the stiching is flawless. The print size stands out and is very comfortable for me. I took it to the pulpit for the first time last week and will be preaching from it regularly. Very Happy with this Bible!

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