Welcome to our Website. Missionary Dennis Deneau and his wife, Lee, have been working with many churches for over 34 years getting the Word of God out around the world. Preserving the Word of God has been their "heartbeat" for all of those years. Working with their son, Rob, and keeping good quality binding on the Bibles brings us to the launching of Church Bible Publishers with top quality King James Bibles!

Much of the Scripture Publishing ministries as we know them today began in the early 1960's with Dr. Don Fraser from Texas. God gave him a vision to use churches to print and distribute the Word of God to their missionaries around the world. Bro. Deneau surrendered to that ministry in 1982, and has been actively involved ever since, helping to send many millions of Scripture portions to hundreds of missionaries. Many churches today have a very important role in reaching the lost with God's Word because their lives were touched or influenced by the message given to Bro. Deneau from the Lord.

In the early 1990's, while serving in First Baptist Church, Park Rapids, MN, and preaching in the Northwest, God burdened Bro. Deneau to seriously begin thinking of producing a good quality whole King James Bible and assuring its preservation for the coming generations. The "wave" of the commercial world was away from the King James Bible and toward the modern, copyrighted versions, and as Bro. Deneau saw a serious need, God enabled him to work toward filling that need. With the help of a handful of churches, the Local Church Bible Publishers ministry was birthed. Searching for a place to get good quality covers on the Bibles, and realizing there was only one Bible bindery in the U.S. that did the very best hand binding, Bro. Deneau began using that bindery, then in Vermont. Years later, when they were closing their doors, Bro. Deneau's son, Rob and his wife, went to Vermont, and learned the Bible bindery business! They trained there, purchased the equipment, started Gold Leaf Enterprises and have continued the business of making good quality leather Bibles in America.

Today, that work continues, and with this new website (Church Bible Publishers.com), and a new focus, Bro. Deneau and his wife, Lee, at nearly 70 years of age, have sold their home, moved into a 5th wheel camper and are back doing what they started out doing nearly 35 years ago--traveling the country and raising money for paper on which to print the Word of God! Amen! Pray for them. You can contact them at: World Missions Bearing Precious Seed, Second Baptist Church, PO Box 88, Festus, MO 26328.

Bro. Deneau is excited to be working with a man that he has printed Scriptures for and shared a burden with for many years, Bro. Sam Martin. Bro. Sam has a long list of churches helping assemble the Word of God, and works closely with other churches, raising money for paper and shipping containers of Scriptures on a regular basis to countries around the world. Click here to see the World Missions Bearing Precious Seed website.